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My name is Pete Meighan, I’m a Dublin based engineer and musician with over 20 years experience. You might even say I’m a producer, though I dislike that often-misused word as it sounds so self important! I started playing bass when I was around 10 years old, took up guitar at 13, started gigging at 15, and began recording when I got my first 4-track tape recorder at 17. I studied electronic engineering for my degree in the 90s, and continued on to study sound engineering for 2 years in STC Dublin from 2000-2002.

As a studio engineer I’m happy to work anywhere, with any of the big software recording apps, though my preferred option is to record in my own studio, Bay Studio, using Logic Pro. I like to mix in my mixing suite, Whitespace, in Dublin.

I also do lots of live work as a guitarist and programmer, using Native Instruments Maschine and Ableton Live. I sometimes perform with North Atlantic Oscillation, Fiach Moriarty, Simon Quigley, and more, helping them bring the recordings they do with me to life. I am 50% of M*O*O*N. I sometimes drink too much coffee. What else? I like teaching, making loud noises, and crafting intricate arrangements. I “strum” the piano.

Mainly though I love music, and love bringing people’s recording and performance dreams to life.



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  • 14releases
  • 1200happy peoples
  • 99problems
  • 2356coffees per year
  • 132tracks mixed
  • 4basses in the studio
  • 7electric guitars owned
  • 4macs
  • 867minutes of music mixed
  • 4354minutes recorded
  • 842days spent in studio
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