We’ve been tracking the majority of the album down in Bay Studio, Wicklow. Drums, bass, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars – you get the picture. For the electronic stuff we do the work in Whitespace as all of my electronic toys are there.

A beast of an album from Darken The Distance.

The new Darken The Distance album is a wildly ambitious piece of work. There are many different moods on the album, a huge array of sounds, and a lot of the songs don’t slot into any particular genre. I like that – it’s great to hear the curated result of an imagination left to run wild.

Other albums I’ve worked on have had definite stages. We start with pre-production, where all the ideas are thrown onto the canvas and we filter them, work on sounds and arrangements, and craft the vision for the album. This one is different though – we are in pre-production for some songs, and nearly finished recording others. That’s not to say the album doesn’t have any coherence – there’s definitely a “world” that it inhabits.

I’ll be posting about the album as it progresses, you can keep an eye on it under the tag #DarkenTheDistance.