Degrees of Light

This year’s STP 2nd Year Diploma students worked their asses off recording an amazing album of uplifting songs that were selected and reimagined by some of Irelands finest, freshest talents – Farah Elle, BARQ, Wolves Of Youth, Sarah Crummy, Craig Gallagher, Josh Gray, The Shruggs and many more.

The album, Degrees of Light, is being launched this Wednesday at the Button Factory, doors @ 6.30pm.

I helped out with showing the students the ropes of the SSL 4000 G Series in Sun Studio, and I oversaw (is that a word?) the mixing, but the album is all the students’ work.

Here’s the teaser video:

Proceeds from your donation at the door (it’s free entry) and all sales go to Aware.

It’s going to be an amazing night, with all of the above gracing the stage. You are guaranteed to have your socks blown off at least once. Bring spares. Come, have your faith in the Irish music scene reignited and restored, and throw some well needed support to Aware who are there to provide much needed advice and support to us all should we find ourselves needing it.