Hard rockin' tunes with attitude!

Since summer 2015 I’ve been working with Michael on mixing his album “Guts For Glory”. I didn’t record any of the tracks, so this is purely a mix job. The vibe of the album is high energy, modern rock, with lots of aggression and intensity, so we have been referencing lots of Jack White, Foo Fighters, even some Nine Inch Nails.

For the mixes I’m emulating classic hardware mix setups that have been used on many of the recordings Michael likes. You’re talkin’ 2″ tape, Neve console for tracking, SSL series desk for mixing and master bus compression. I also have stuck to emulations or real hardware compressors and EQs for the lion’s share of the mixing.

I’ll be posting about mixing Michael’s album over on the blog, tagging with #GutsForGlory 😀