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I know there are lots of options out there so here are some reasons to record with me…


I’ve recorded lots of artists over the past 15 years, so here are the highlights. In 2005 I got my first big break recording Dave Couse’s second album “The World Should Know” in a house in Red Hills, Cavan. A few years later I recorded North Atlantic Oscillation’s debut album “Grappling Hooks”. I went on to work on two more albums with them. I’ve also recorded Briana Corrigan (The Beautiful South), Fiach Moriarty, Tell No Foxx, Hybrasil… the list goes on!

As for successes – the Couse album was nominated for two Meteor Awards the following year, and North Atlantic Oscillation got signed to Kscope Records in London on the back of their debut. I’ve had my work playlisted on RTÉ Radio 1, 2FM, BBC Radio 6, as well as regional stations too numerous to mention. Bands have also done publishing deals on the back of music I’ve worked on (Tell No Foxx, North Atlantic Oscillation, Damien Walsh). So yeah, good things tend to happen for the kids I get to work with 🙂


  • I have my own recording studio, and my own separate mixing/production suite. There are a few advantages to this. It’s a good idea not to mix where you record, to get a fresh perspective on your sounds. It’s also great to have a studio dedicated to electronic production, as the needs of a recording studio and production studio are different.
  • I designed Bay Studio myself, so I know it intimately and can use it to create any sound we can imagine. When you use it you just pay my costs.
  • As a musician I always work toward getting you the best creative result. Much of this comes down to thinking like an artist instead of an engineer, and helping you have a fun creative experience in a fully functioning, inspiring environment. I also have lots of tricks and techniques for helping you get the best performance when singing or playing in the studio.
  • I can talk music theory with you which is a great advantage in working out harmonies, key changes, song structure.
  • I’m comfortable working in any studio, on any software, but I do recommend we work in my studios where possible as they are better value and I maintain them myself.
  • If we need other studios I have worked in many around the country and in the UK, and am happy to move between studios.
  • I’ve played guitar for 25 years so I can offer a wealth of knowledge and advice on recording technique, as well as offering the use of my extensive guitar, amp and effects collection
  • I’m an expert on Ableton Live, all the big Native Instruments programs, and in particular Maschine, so we can do amazing things in the electronic music world.
Pete in Bay Studio Control Room.
Recording acoustic guitars, M/S, with Avril.
Recording drums in the Live Room.


My preferred thing to do with recording artists is bring them to my studio in Wicklow, Bay Studio. It’s an amazing sounding space with great gear and a great vibe. It is also the most cost effective option as I charge for my time, not for the actual rental of the studio itself. You’ll get a professional result for a great price. It is only 45 minutes from Dublin, has ample free parking, and makes for a stress free, immersive experience.

Because it is my own studio, I know the equipment intimately and I know where and how to record things to get the best from them. I designed the rooms to suit particular roles, so we have a live room for drums, strings, and bright lively acoustics, and a dead room for vocals, 70s drum sounds, and intimate sounding instruments. It is incredibly versatile and a lot of fun!

I am happy to go record in the studio of your choice – you may have a particular space that suits you best, or there may be a studio that fits a recording need for the project. For example, I have done many sessions in Windmill Lane’s Studio 1 in order to make use of the Steinway grand piano in there. I have also worked a bit in Castle Of Doom in Glasgow, home of Mogwai and their producer Tony Doogan. Others I’ve worked in in Ireland are Sun Studio 1, Apollo, Karma Korner, Elektra, The Engine Room, Windmill Lane Studio 2, Chime (UK)… you get the idea.

Sometimes the entire project will be recorded somewhere other than my own place, but usually it is only a specific instrument – it is not a problem to record in various locations and put everything into one session to record say guitars or vocals in Bay Studio then mix back in Whitespace.

I’ve got a complete mobile studio that I can bring to any location to record. I’ve been to rented cottages, country manors, churches, halls and living rooms to record. It can be a really fun experience, but there are a few things to consider.

The location needs to be suitable, i.e. no ambient noise leaking in on the recordings. Traffic, alarms, livestock(!), neighbours, wind, rain – all can cause problems. Also you want no chance of us causing noise pollution, annoying the locals :-). It can be tricky setting up a control room that is 100% isolated from the source, but I’ve always found a way to make it workable.

The price varies depending on the location, duration, and amount of equipment required.


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