Teaser trailer for Simon Quigley’s film 41° 46′ North

What a lovely way to start the new year.

Over two years ago Simon Quigley came to me to record a new piece he had composed – “Ryan Vs The White Star Line”. It was by far the most complex, ambitious, yet well developed piece he had written (that I had heard anyway!), so it was going to be a big job. After preproduction to get a session together and mock up strings and electronics, and we headed in to Windmill Lane to lay down the piano.

Simon knew he wanted a duet on the piece, but wanted to do something different. He chose Martin McCann (of Sack and Elevens fame) and Clare Kavanagh (soprano from Wexford singing with the English National Opera) for the job, and we brought them down to Bay Studio to record their parts. We also brought in some of Simon’s amazingly talented string player friends for string quartet duties.

While all that was going on, Simon was hatching a plan to create a short film for the piece, so he had a videographer down to record the whole experience. All that leads to this: a teaser for the upcoming film! Really looking forward to seeing, and hearing, the finished product…