Mixing and Production Suite


Whitespace is where I do all of my mixing, pre-production, and programming. It’s a daylight filled, great sounding room with state of the art facilities for mixing music and working on song production. A self contained music space, it work great for getting lost in projects and having fun with the many music toys I’ve got lying around. I’ll also make us pretty good coffee to keep us going 🙂

ListeningSpeakers are the window into the music world, and I’ve got really nice KRK RP5 monitors with an RP10s Subwoofer for listening to what we work on. The speakers are positioned to be very far from reflective surfaces, to give a crystal clear sound with a true picture of the sound stage.
MixI mix in Logic Pro, using top notch plugins from Universal Audio, Plugin Alliance, Native Instruments, Waves, Softube, and others. I’ve been mixing professionally since 2004 and really love doing it. Scroll on down for more on my mixing.
SuccessesArtists that have had me produce and mix their music have had great things happen because of those mixes – signing to labels, getting national and international radio play, festival invitations, TV appearances, and more.
Fun ToysI’ve got a great selection of drum machines, controllers, and synths, and I know how to use them in case they are new to you. I’ve also got a beautiful collection of guitars, basses, and amplifiers. I’ve amassed a great library of sounds over the years, so we will be able to create any sound you can imagine.



I’ve been mixing professionally since 2004, in many different genres, and I love researching the various techniques and strategies that make different records sound how they do. Whether it is a rock classic mixed as if it were coming off analog tape into a vintage desk, electronic music with clarity, depth and power, or modern pop with all that detail and multiple sounds going on, I can make that happen for you.

Here are some sample mixes of various types that I have done, and you can check out more under the LISTEN menu.

I listen back to my mixes on KRK RP5 monitors, with an RP10s subwoofer to extend the low-end. I’ve had this monitoring setup since the beginning in 2004, so I know the speakers inside out. They are positioned in the room to avoid reflective surfaces so the stereo image is extremely precise. The room also has the right amount of diffusion, and absorption in all the right places.

What this means for you is that your mixes won’t have any weak spots, will have an amazing 3D quality to them, and will translate to your home stereo, headphones, hi-fi, web, and radio/TV extremely well.



I love using Ableton Live for production and pre-production of songs, as it is an excellent writing and improvisation tool. It is very easy and exciting to lay down a bunch ideas on vocals, guitar, bass, synth, drums, and then recombine them in different ways. For production, I love how easy it is to get really creative with sampling, warping, and recording in automation of synths and effects. In particular I am a big fan of the granular synthesis, the beat repeat, the new Simpler, and of course the Push controller surface.

I’ve been a Maschine user since it first came out, and I find it unbeatable for getting rhythmic ideas down very quickly and naturally. With version 2’s drum synths it has become very easy to craft exactly the sound you are looking for, and I also love now having the ability to use the Polyplex sounds in kits. For me and the client, anything that gets our eyes off the screen is good – you start listening rather than looking.

I’m a huge fan of Korg’s VOLCA series of analog toys. I’ve got the VOLCA BEATS and VOLCA BASS that I use all the time for funky squelchy bass sounds and interesting drum machine sounds and patterns.

I also have a nice collection of software synthesisers and sound mangling toys, feel free to get in touch if you want to know more 🙂


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